Per Me – Giulio Terrinoni

price/quality ratio: medio
Average Price: € 80  

Giulio has a talent for seafood, particularly on raw crudo. The restaurant is located in the very center of Rome, in a small, refined and elegant venue. The search for gustatory balance unites all dishes: emblematic in this is the carpaccio of scampi and foie gras, held together by an irreplaceable red onion gel. Each ingredient completes and emphasizes the others in the cuttlefish, agretti, mustard and dried fig noodles. Philosophy of zero waste for the pasta dishes, such as ravioli del plin stuffed with peas (and kneaded with pea skins) with raw mullet. The seafood carbonara and the Roman-style monkfish tripe play with local Rome tradition. Attentive and discreet service and relaxed atmosphere: an oasis of quiet in the heart of Rome. In the cellar, Italian and French bottles, with rather generous markups. The “tappi” formula is interesting, with small portions sold at reasonable prices.

Closing days:
sempre aperto
N. seats:
  • AE, Csi, MCard, Visa, POS
  • Parking
  • Rooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Outdoor tables
  • Services for disabilities
  • Available menu for celiac
  • Available menu for vegetarians
  • Pets welcome
  • Beer list
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