Pascucci al Porticciolo

price/quality ratio: alto
Average Price: € 80  

According to us this the best seafood restaurant in the Lazio region, among the best in Italy, located just a few minutes from the Leonardo da Vinci international airport in Fiumicino. Indulge in the luxury of a meal by Gianfranco Pascucci’s creations. Clear, deep flavours both in concept and inspiration, for a sustainable, creative but very concrete, joyful kitchen. Starting with an assortment of starters, or the amazing Kamut tagliatelle served in an earthenware pot with capers, olives and bottarga (mullet roe). Equally striking are the fusilli with black cuttlefish ink “in a sea of plastic”, a memorable dish: masterful touch in the cooking of the roast squid, fermented roots and herbs. The experience, however, would not be complete were not a great woman like Vanessa Melis directing the dining room: charismatic, smiling, a professional. Furthermore, Patrizio Amici manages a wine list that is never predictable and articulated. In short, a great kitchen, a great team, a great restaurant.


Closing days:
Sunday evening and Monday
  • All
  • Parking
  • Rooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Outdoor tables
  • Services for disabilities
  • Available menu for celiac
  • Available menu for children
  • Available menu for vegetarians
  • Beer list
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