Paola’s Restaurant

Average Price: $ 82  

This historic restaurant in NYC is among the most popular, especially among winelovers. Paola’s offers traditional Italian cuisine with a Roman accent. The menu revolves around Italy with dishes that are slightly adapted for the US public, but which retain the peculiarities and full character of Italy. The butacitini all’amatriciana, for example, display an authentic texture and flavor. Do not miss the polpetti alla romana (pork meatballs, tomato sauce, savory ricotta and pecorino cheese), trofie genovesi traditional ligurian hand – rolled trofie pasta and the roasted ‘pollastrello’ from the Hudson valley, trofie genovesi with fresh basil pesto, liguine alle vongole and calamari in padella.  The service is excellent, the location is elegant, and the wine list is more than vast, well structured and modernized by the volcanic Romolo Algeni.

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