Le George

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A great example of virtuous restaurant service. On the ground floor of the Four Season Hotel is the exquisitely Mediterranean cuisine marked by crisp lightness. The service is exceptional, starting from the wine coordinated by the pure talent of young Alessandro Cini, who has put together one of the most beautiful and articulated wine collections in Europe, boasting character and research. In the kitchen, Simone Zanoni proposes a sustainable cuisine, taking advantage of the land owned by the hotel in Versailles and reducing waste as much as possible. Meals open with excellent raw fish or impeccable arancini. Don’t miss the tarte tatin, filled with cacio e pepe gelato and ricotta, lemon and mint tortelli, the restaurant’s great classic. Among mains, the 36 hours goat and the very classic Milanese cutlet, perfectly fragrant, stand out above the fine rest. Temporarily closed.

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