Le BB Pizzeria Trattoria

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A place that intends to conquer Parisians by experimenting with the war horses of our tradition, from veal with tuna sauce, to stew with potatoes, to spaghetti with guanciale and pecorino cheese, to lasagna and fassona meats. The BB Pizzeria Trattoria opened its doors in May 2019 at the behest of Stefania Monaco, Roman journalist, great connoisseur of the best Italian ingredients. A real food and wine project that intended to promote the Italian food heritage, protect it and offer it to Parisian gourmets. In the kitchen there’s the young and promising chef Andrea Alota, who thanks to his past experiences at Villa Crespi, prepares each dish with extreme care and dedication. Stefania is the queen of the room together with Maria Giovanna Amuro, sommelier born in Sorrento, who offers exclusively biodynamic and natural wines. The menu is agile, with appetisers that pay homage to the world of pizza: Roberto Belotti takes care of this aspect, he’s a pizza chef awarded with various prizes in Paris. He is attentive to the leavening and digestibility of his pizzas. All the products are of Italian origin and come from small emblazoned or artisan businesses, testifying to the place’s direct link between Italy and France.

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