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La Pergola dell'Hotel Rome Cavalieri

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domenica e lunedì; aperto solo la sera
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 € 205


A sort of Neverland located at the top floor of the Rome Cavalieri Hilton: only a short elevator ride opens the door revealing a rarefied, elegant world, suspended above the whole of Rome. Chef Heinz Beck tiptoes with the best ingredients, as you do with the things you know, love and respect, without ever distorting them, but rather making them dance together with grace and coherence. This is what happens with the tuna, wild asparagus and almonds; or with the rabbit tortellini with carrots and chamomile infusion, small tasty pearls of pasta. Equally tantalizing is the venison with polenta and black truffle, noble and intense memories recall flavours of the holidays. The cheese cart is a map of the best dairy delicacies of Italy, and should not to be missed. Not to mention the quality of the desserts, among the best in the world, do leave room for them. The wine cellar is a world of its own, an immense space with thousands of bottles from all over the world, which the pure talent of Marco Reitano helps to explore in the choice of what suits best, with even a by-the-glass option of the most exclusive and unavailable labels.


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domenica e lunedì; aperto solo la sera
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