I Trulli

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Puglia is served! I Trulli, by Nicola Marzovilla, is maybe the epitome of restaurants with pugliese cuisine in the U.S., offering a high level grandmother-cooked style, as Americans like. Nicola’s mother Dora, despite being eighty-two years old, makes home-made pasta from this regional tradition everyday (starting with the famous orecchiette). The rest of the result depends on the raw material (imported from Italy), and the great dexterity of the chef. The typical cavatelli with turnip greens are far from the American standards; the oysters, scallops and calamari fry-up is a classic of the genuine cuisine from Puglia. We recommended pazerotti, malloreddus and black and white spaghetti with anchovies and toasted breadcrumbs. The wine list, exceptional for a traditional restaurant includes some interesting vertical tastings from Italy, as well as a few special labels (a result of a careful research). 2 gamberi.

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