Gourmet Romano

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Karen and Serina have clear ideas on what it means to offer quality dining. It’s been a year since they opened their Roman “pinseria” in Hollywood, near the most famous film studios. Flours and all the best ingredients come straight from Italy, the result of careful selection that favours organic products. Everything is made in the laboratory-kitchen attached to the dining room: from the dough (hydrated at 80% and leavened for at least 72 hours) as well as the condiments that top the different pinse, one better than the other. The pinsa “San Daniele” has San Daniele ham, arugula, tomato sauce, and buffalo mozzarella, and is the most popular and, not surprisingly, one of the best ones the menu. Excellent also the “Welcome to Hell”, spicy and delicious, topped with ‘nduja sausage and spicy salami. There’s room also for vegan pinse (in the “Vegtwo” is a tribute to California, featuring avocado), while cheese lovers cannot overlook the “Quattro Formaggi”. Besides the pinse there’s also room for a number of pasta dishes. Above all, try the cacio e pepe: authentic, creamy, perfect.

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