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A number of locations, joined together by their tasteful furnishings and excellent pastries, can be found throughout the city, from the centrally located shops in Via Stella and Corso Porta Borsari to the modern branch situated inside the Adigeo shopping center, just outside Verona. Style and careful presentation of the many delights on offer are undoubtedly trademarks. Well-arranged window displays and large counters showcase, among other things, a colorful expanse of enticing macarons. In the shop in Via Stella (situated just a stone's throw from Piazza Erbe), whose classic atmosphere features an interesting modern touch, you can indulge in the pleasure of a delicious breakfast or snack, thanks to a lovely range of tempting baked goods and imaginative, creative single-serving treats. Beautiful to look at and delicious, (almost) all of their products are very balanced, especially those based on dark chocolate, as well as the petit four with almond paste, sponge cake and apricot jam. Excellent small and large traditional desserts, from the Nadalin to galani, from Russian cake to Veronese fried dough (the traditional version with raisins is especially good). Quick and friendly service, despite the frequent crowds. All their shops offer the possibility to order online for take-away or use the home delivery service.


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