Faro Shiseido

Average Price: ¥ 10,000  

Relevant changes. From October on, Kotaro Noda will be the new chef of this high-level restaurant (so high to have gained the Three Forks in our last guide’s edition). The talented chef comes back to Japan, after the rewarding experience in Rome at Bistrot 64. Among the few famous dishes that he’s going to offer, the spaghetto di patate. As for everything else, a fusion between italian and japanese cuisine with only one menu: 60 euros at lunch (100% vegan) and 170 euros at dinner, for a menu that counts 13 dishes. We recommend lemon lasagnette, flavor salad, sauted wild mushroom with herb flavor. Thirty spots, beautifully curated, to enjoy some very scenic creations. We are waiting for its full break-in to express an evaluation.

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