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Situated in the city center, this beautiful and modern shop is led by the skilled hands of Giancarlo Perbellini. An endless display counter hosts a first-rate assortment that reflects the philosophy of the shop's owner, combining technique, the best ingredients and a continuous interest in innovation. To start the day in the best possible way, you can choose from an exquisite selection of croissants, fagottini and other puffy, yeast-leavened pastries or delicious single-serving sweets, like their custard pie. Then there are many, many mini pastries, in the classic version, in a spoon or in a glass, from the more traditional tiramisu and trifle to more modern creations that follow the seasons, like lemon curd and the "cupola" with pecans, salted caramel and chocolate. When it comes to their excellent cakes, consider trying the millefeuille with amaretto or the raspberry and passion fruit cheesecake, whose topping is a delight for the eyes. A piece of news is their artisanal ice cream. There's "natural" and a line with reduced sugar / fat content, all available in eight classic flavors that draw on ingredients like organic Sicilian pistachio (try the limited edition versions as well, like vanilla, crunchy hazelnuts and caramel with vinegar and saffron). Their Italian holiday classics are always a must, from panettone to pandoro and Bovolone. For savory food lovers, there are croissants, sandwiches (panini and tramezzini) and puff pastry pizzas. A few tables are available for indoor seating.


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domenica pomeriggio e lunedì
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