Da Cesare

price/quality ratio: medio
Average Price: € 45  

Editor’s Choice. Here direct reference to the true cucina romana is very strong. Our classic starter trio? Bollito meatballs, coratella (lamb poultry or rabbit offal) and an unbeatable Roman style tripe. Credit goes to hosts Leonardo Vignoli and Maria Pia Cicconi, the latter “responsible” also for one of the most brilliant wine cellars in the city, with lots of small wine producers offered at very reasonable prices. Rome need more of this kind of restaurateurs. In the spring, book a table outdoors and enjoy the sumptuous tonnarelli alla vignarola with guanciale. In closing, don’t miss the classic tiramisu served in a glass. Familiar and attentive service, authentic atmosphere.


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  • Carta Si, Visa, MasterCard, Bancomat
  • Parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Outdoor tables
  • Pets welcome
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