Casa Perbellini

price/quality ratio: basso
Average Price: € 150  

The heart of the system is in the Romanesque Piazza San Zeno, you ring the bell and enter a house – recently renovated – where the kitchen and tables coexist in the same space. The new season has led to a change of sous-chef (now Marco Stagi), the launch of a vegetable menu (Verdurando) and a further refinement of proposals. The style is more than ever under the chef’s signature, a mix of elegance and surgical precision, direct flavours that strike at first bite. Simple and very complicated at the same time, and never like in this case new for a cuisine without borders, with a well-highlighted Italian accent.

Closing days:
domenica e lunedì; 1-7/31-8 sabato sera, domenica, lunedì
N. seats:
  • Tutte
  • Parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Services for disabilities
  • Available menu for vegetarians
Rating year:
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