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Cane Rosso The Heights

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Jay Jerrier's project is increasingly complex and articulate. It all started with a mobile oven in the streets of Dallas, then the first restaurant - today in Dallas there are 5 of them - which then spread to two more locations in Austin and Houston. The first pizzeria in town was opened in The Heights, directly followed by the second opening in Montrose. We're talking Neapolitan-style pizza, Cane Rosso belongs in fact to Verace Neapolitan Pizza Association, with pies baked in a Stefano Ferrara ad hoc oven, high temperature cooking, a drizzle of raw olive oil and basil. Toppings include homemade pork sausages from Berkshire, homemade mozzarella (but also imported) Italian flours and tomatoes. Some pies cater to the American palate, with very intense toppings and flavours; we prefer the classic pizzas like Marinara or the Regina Margherita (with bufala). In regard to drinks, there's a targeted selection of Italian wines, cleverly served also by the glass, plus craft beers and cocktails.


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