Braz Pizzaria

Average Price: R$ 60  

The Braz pizzerias (boasting five addresses in São Paulo alone, plus three in Rio de Janeiro) are part of the country’s most important quality dining group: Companhia Tradicional de Comercio, which also includes trattorias, brasseries and cocktail bars. The ingredients used are the best from Italy: Caputo flour and tomato “miracle of San Gennaro” to mention a few. For fresh products the kitchen instead relies on the best market availability, such as the excellent fennel sausage for the pizza “Calabresa especial”. There is a classic line of Margheritas, Napoletana pizza, and pizza with anchovies, and a more Brazilian line with seasonings that can appeal to locals. Great cocktails, and good craft beers. There is a small wine list and a fine sangiovese poured by the glass that’s made in partnership with the Tuscan Mazzei company.

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Always open only at dinner
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