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Nicola Fanetti has a great hand in the kitchen. He trained in some of the best European restaurants and has proven himself over time to be a talented cook with great imagination and creativity. The style of his cooking follows traditional Italian cuisine, using the best he can find on the local market for a very stimulating combination between Italian and Nordic cooking styles with technique and wisdom, in a very captivating mix of ingredients and recipes. A cuisine that is not only about dishes, but also about being sustainable, opting for sustainability and a zero-waste policy. The service is of the highest rank, during our last visit we appreciated the Danish lobster confit with preserved red pepper cream and pickled yellow beet and the thin cappelletti with roasted delica pumpkin, whey sauce and winter truffle. The impressive wine list is a starting point to enrich the dining experience. Many labels, chosen from small and eco-friendly producers, give an excellent glimpse of the beauty of Italian and European wines.


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Open from Thursday to Saturday - Lunch: from 11:30 to 14:45; Dinner: from 17:30 to 00:00
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