95 at Morgenster

Average Price: R 230  

The story of Morgenster is tightly bound to the great story of Giulio Bertrand, a textile entrepreneur from Piedmont who passed away last year. The stunning view over rolling vineyards and olive groves has mountains in the background, all in a warm and temperate climate. The interiors are housed in a Dutch-style colonial home. Giorgio Nava manages the bistro, with ample outdoor seating. The cuisine relies on fine quality ingredients and subtle preparations, enhanced by the locally grown and pressed olive oil (we preferred among all the Don Carlo), and lightweight and delicious pairings. We strongly suggest the lamb-filled ravioli and the catch of the day that can be served with locally grown tomatoes and olives. In regards to wine, in addition to Bordeaux-type bottles we were impressed by the rosé sangiovese, which was elegant, light and full of flavour.

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