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Top Italian Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka is a food lover’s must. Japan is a paradise of flavours and traditions, street food and some of the finest Italian restaurants in the Land of the Rising Sun. Whim and humour are featured even in fine Neapolitan-style pizzerias and lesser known trattorias located virtually all over the entire prefecture. Go ahead and discover them!


Trattoria Pizzeria da Ciro al Borgo

One of the best pizzas in all of central Japan. Credit goes to the volcanic and talented Kimiko Kota, mother of four children, who, thanks...
¥ 2000.0

Pizzeria da Tigre

A few minutes from the Nishiōhashi subway stop, you’ll find Tigre. Every day they serve up crisp Neapolitan pizzas, the edges quite high, like Pizza...
¥ 1400.0

Ponte Mirabeau

It is very tipical because of the atmosphere. It is build like a house in the middle of the “nothing” in Hyogo Prefecture Mountain of...
¥ 5000.0

Il Luogo di Takeuchi

This is certainly one of the most-admired Made in Italy restaurants in Japan. Open since 2010, its staff has always offered authentic dishes, faithful to...
¥ 7800.0


Vivacchus is a very elegant wine bar, owned by a small but powerful woman. Masaki Ayako is an AIS sommelier with a 360-degree visceral passion...
¥ 3980.0
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