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Top Italian Restaurants in Mexico City

Italian restaurants in Mexico City have shifted gear. They’re getting better and better every month. They’re moving towards more innovative menus with regional dishes, expertly-run pizzerias, new formats, and fine-dining locales ready to defy clichés. Check our list and choose carefully.



Feeling home halfway around the world: this is our favorite Italian bistrot in town. Modena-born chef Marco Carboni has traveled a lot before opening in...
Mexico City 
$ 800.0

Forneria del Becco

Elegant and modern, the sleek style of this pizzeria blends perfectly with the environment of the Artz Pedregal shopping centre where it is located. The...
Mexico City 
$ 500.0

Il Becco at Four Seasons

There’s no competition among the Italian fine dining restaurants in town. Il Becco at the Four Seasons Hotel is top notch. Located on the ground...
Mexico City 
$ 1450.0

Bottega Sartoria

What a lovely wine bar! Don't think twice and take one of the few seats at the counter. Here you'll find 100 labels that include...
Mexico City 
$ 300.0

Osteria del Becco

L'Osteria del Becco has been the first one in town – not exactly an informal osteria in the elegant Polanco neighborhood – boasting a unique...
Mexico City 
$ 800.0


A proper destination for wine lovers in the Polanco neighborhood. Romina is a classic Italian restaurant with one of the most extensive Italian wine list...
Mexico City 
$ 800.0


Quattro is a very safe choice when it comes to authentic Italian food in Mexico City. Here you'll find some proper traditional food with a...
Mexico City 
$ 500.0

Alfredo di Roma

When it comes to Italian cuisine, Alfredo is a very well-known name worldwide. The legend of the fettuccine with butter and Parmesan cheese was born...
Mexico City 
$ 600.0

Ardente Pizzeria Napoletana

This restaurant is the closest you can get to Neaples in town. Two are the locations in the city: the former opened in 2015 in...
Mexico City 
$ 500.0
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