San Pellegrino

The Sanpellegrino Group is Italy’s principal company in the mineral water and non-alcoholic beverage sector. It includes a portfolio of mineral waters such as San Pellegrino, Acqua Panna, Levissima, Nestlé Vera and Recoaro as well as a wide assortment of drinks such as Sanpellegrino, Aranciata, the iconic Chinò, iced-tea Beltè , and aperitifs, including  Sanbittèr, Gingerino and a new range called Emozioni. The excellence of Sanpellegrino goes beyond the intrinsic quality of its products. It is rooted in a strong dimension of typically Italian values that are embodied in its name. The most evident example is San Pellegrino mineral water, distributed today in 145 countries. It has become a symbol of Italy around the world, and is tastefully associated with an Italian lifestyle – brilliant, cultivated, original, food-loving and appreciative of the pleasures of spending time together. San Pellegrino has ably become part of the rediscovery of Italy and the Italian way of life.

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