In the beginning, in about 1860, Pernigotti of Novi Ligure produced fruit relish and nougat, wines and musts, enjoying immediate success. National sales were such that in 1882 it became an official suppliers to the royal family. In the 1920s Paolo Pernigotti made the quantum leap and from a family business it became an industry, expanding its production lines. In 1927 the famous gianduiotto won the Grand Prix at the Turin national and international exhibition. In subsequent years, many new products arrived: ice cream mixes, the acquisition of Sperlari and Streglio. In the 1970s, alongside classic almond nougat, a superfine hazelnut recipe was launched. In 1995 came the encounter with Averna, which helped keep alive Pernigotti tradition and quality. In 2013 Averna sold Pernigotti to the Turkish Sanset group, owned by the Toksöz family. in addition to the classic pralines, the company makes gianduia creams, bars and slabs of chocolate (including extra-large), and snacks.

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