Formed in 2001, Vicentine is the result of a merger between two local, decades-old producers. Their mission is, and always has been, to continue local cheese-making traditions with the aid of modern technology and using only high-quality milk. Over the years, Latterie Vicentine has kept growing and today, in terms of members and milk produced, it is the largest in Veneto, not to mention the largest producer of Asiago PDO in Italy (for which it has received international awards and recognition). With this in mind, it’s easy to imagine what their standards are like. And they’ve managed to guarantee them across their whole product range: fresh milk, yogurt, tosella, mascarpone, stracchino, cheese spreads, butter, ricotta, cream, mozzarella, Asiago, Grana PDO, sharp cheeses including Cuor di Vezzena (aged for a minimum of eight months), Castelgrotta (minimum five months) and Morlacco (more than two months).

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