Founded in 1901, Galvanina bottles mineral water from a hilltop spring, ‘Paradiso’ as its called, on the foothills of the Apennines near Rimini. It’s an area that was famous back in ancient Roman times for its therapeutic water, and today the purity, mineral content, digestive properties and glass bottles used have gained popularity both in Italy and abroad (especially as of 1989), with international sales accounting for 90% of revenue. Galvanina has been managed by the Mini family for four generations and as of 2008, the historic Rimini producer has been accompanied by a new bottling facility in Apecchio (Pesaro and Urbino), giving rise to various lines of water (Classic, Blu, Prestige, Val di Meti) and a line of aromatized waters for international markets. As of 2010 they’ve also offered non-alcoholic beverages, a wide variety of teas and herbal infusions, organic fizzy drinks, as well as organic fruit and vegetable drinks (their fru.it and veg.it lines).

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