Founded back in 1880 as a small, artisanal cheesemaker, over the years Foresti has gradually grown into the modern producer it is today, equipped with the latest technology and specialized in dairy and cheese. Despite its size, their production approach respects Italy’s best cheesemaking traditions. Foresti’s flagship product, for which they’re most known in Italy and abroad, is their Fontal Nazionale Stella Alpina, a soft, semi-cooked cheese. Their other crown jewel is their excellent mascarpone, soft and buttery and still worked in a way that’s quite traditional. Cloth bundles are no longer used but it’s made with top-quality ingredients (whipped Lombard cream, partially local, integrated with 8% Italian milk, which is more acidic) and composed of a high percentage of fats (more than 52%). In addition to Fontal and mascarpone, Foresti produces ricotta, Lombard quartirolo PDO and taleggio PDO.

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