F.lli Caffo – Vecchio Amaro del Capo

At the end of the 1800s, in the Etna foothills, Giuseppe Caffo started to distil marc in a business now about to celebrate its centenary. In 1915, Caffo acquired an old Sicilian distillery and began making liqueurs from aniseed and aromatic and medicinal herbs. The skills were handed down to future generations and then extended to include brandy and soft drinks. In 1966 Sebastiano Caffo took over the company Amaro del Capo with his son Giuseppe Giovanni, today president of the group, which also has branches abroad. Next came a new plant next to the Limbadi distillery and in 2006 the acquisition of a distillery in the Udine area, Friulia, specializing in grappa processing. In 1999, the Caffo Beverages Inc. became importer of spirits, wines and other company products for America. Wild Orange Srl was opened in 2001, managing group business, and in the same year that Liquirizia Caffo Vibo Valentia plant, making Calabria liquorice and herb extracts under the Caffo and Taitù brands. Lastly we find Typical Srl, based in Leipzig and aiming to conquer the German market. Since 2013 the Caffo group also manages Borsci San Marzano.

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