Concast Gruppo Formaggi del Trentino – Trentingrana

The Gruppo Formaggi del Trentino, born in 2010 from the synergy of different local cheese-makers (Trentingrana and Concast, Consorzio dei Caseifici Sociali Trentini), processes, ages and markets its own milk from partners, public and private companies. There are two lines: Trentingrana (a type of Grana Padano) and Tradizionale (dedicated to other typical regional soft-paste cheeses). The genuineness of the products comes primarily from the healthy nutrition of cattle fed with the scented hay of mountain pastures and non-GMO feed, which guarantees the sensorial qualities of the milk. The company’s flagship is Trentino grana, a hard cooked-paste cheese with delicate but decisive fragrances if made with summer milk; when ripened it develops a strong, slightly savoury flavour. Alongside there are other cheeses including Moena puzzone, Trentino vezzena, Val di Sole casolet, Cavalese fontal, Sabbionara affogato, Primiero tosela.  There are other mountain pasture products in the range as well as Trentino butter.

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